Our mission

Egypt suffers from diverse dilemmas like water scarcity and pollution of current water resources that act as an obstacle in its way of development and civilization. these problems cause catastrophic consequences like irrigation water pollution, therefore, crop fields pollution and multiple destructive effects on feedlots and human health. with the progress of these problems and the increment of demand and need for innovative ideas to solve them, it became our duty to save the crops by purifying irrigation water from its contaminants and pollutants. we chose to work on agricultural drainage specifically as it is the most convenient water resource where its widely available in the agricultural areas and contains several components that are beneficial for the crops like some fertilizers but on the contrary it also contains high concentration of heavy metals , nitrate  and phosphate ions that are detrimental to the soil and crops thus we worked on adjusting the concentration of heavy metals, salinity, and Ph of the agricultural drainage to meet the universal irrigation water standards in order to preserve soil’s fertility and ensure its capability of production of high-end crops

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